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Ajoie benefits from a rich and stunning landscape offering a diversity of rocky substratum, forests, pools, rivers and limestone plateaus. Highly popular with bicyclists and hikers, the fertile soil and vineyards define the Ajoie landscape. Also called the “vineyard of the Jura Mountains,” the region is also home to the Damascene plum, the rare tree used for brandy distillation.

Discover below the many activities available around Villa Mai guesthouse in Boncourt, Jura Switzerland!


Stay at Villa Mai and get free public transport and benefit from numerous discounts on activities thanks to Jura Pass!

Stay at Villa Mai for 2 nights and get a voucher for a free trail ride on horseback (advance booking required)


Your JURA PASS will be handed out upon arrival at Villa Mai and is valid from the time of check-in until midnight on the day of departure (max. 15 days). It is only available for Villa Mai's guests within the Vagabond zone



  • The caves of Réclère (Réclère)

  • The ponds at Bonfol (Bonfol)

  • Swiss Fruits and Distillery Museum

  • Popa - Porrentruy Optical Art (Porrentruy)

  • Exhibition of the artists Plonk and Replonk (Porrentruy)

  • Musée de l'Hôtel-Dieu (Porrentruy)

  • Jurassica Muséum (Porrentruy)

  • Botanical Garden (Porrentruy)

  • Musée Agricole des vieilles traditions (Grandfontaine)

  • Pottery Museum (Bonfol)

  • Fondation Horlogère (Porrentruy)

  • Assemble your own watch (Porrentruy)

Regional Products
  • Distillerie de Porrentruy (Porrentruy)

  • Distillerie Schneider (Cornol)

  • Clos des Cantons (Alle)

  • Les délices de la ruche (Charmoille)

  • Ô Vergers d'Ajoie (Porrentruy)

  • Brasserie Blackwoodbrewery (Porrentruy)

  • Very near you "Aux près de chez vous" (Porrentruy)

  • La Locomotive (Boncourt)

  • Hostellerie des Remparts (Delle)

  • Brasserie du Faubourg (Delle)


Check this page often as information will be added on a regular basis

  • Coop supermaket (Boncourt & Porrentruy)

  • Migros (Porrentruy)

  • Raiffeisen Bank (Boncourt)

  • Post Office (Boncourt)

  • Pharmacy (Delle)

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